Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hi! I’m Joonique. My real name is Youngjoon and I am Korean producer and composer living in Poland. I started my journey with music since I was in primary school, where I learned to play piano and when I was in university I started to have an interest in making hip hop beats. Later I realized how fascinating is the world of music and that hip hop is not the only genre that exists out there. So I started composing music that fit as soundtracks, and also made electronic music, which I never really listened to. My craft of the music helped me to open up to other genres (I was a hip hop head) and to actually enjoy them.
Recently I started making royalty free tracks, and you can find them in the link below.
You can listen to some of my tracks in AudioJungle which are royalty free. I hope you enjoy! UQSKTVKR3HUA

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