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Where To Find Background Music For Videos

Where To Find Background Music For Videos

Where To Find Background Music

If you are wondering where to find background music for videos you are in the right place. I will help you out choosing the right sites with background music for you.

1. AudioMicro is a stock music library with tons of royalty free music and sound effects that you can use in your video. AudioMicro also provides you with free sound effects, which you can download as mp3 version and use them in your project! Prices of sound effects are 1$ each when you are a subscribed user, and 3.95$ when you are not subscribed user. So if you are looking for many sound effects it's worth subscribing them.

What about music? You can find various music ranging from film scores to aerobic music. Very diversified music types. The regular license price of music is 10$ each when you are subscribed user, and 29.95$ for non-subscribed users. The price may be higher (129.95$) if you are aiming for mass reproduction. I recommend reading their License Options before making a puchase. So basically if you are not going distribute your product over 1000 copies or use music in advertisement, regular license fee is enough for you. If you are interested in purchasing background music in AudioMicro you may also get a 4.95$ discount by using THIS REBATE

 2. AudioJungle is another site with royalty free music. Here you can buy music from 8$ to 14$. As a general rule a track that is under 1 minutes are priced 8 dollars, and tracks that are around 3 minutes are priced 14$. Tracks that are somewhere in the range of 1-2min are priced 11$. Sound effects are all 1$. These are the prices for regular license. You can also get extended license which is 5x the regular price. And again, you must know what will be the purpose of your music purchase. Read their License Description before you make your purchase. I highly recommend this site as they have extremely helpful staff that are willing to help you out. They also have a forum in which all buyers and sellers actually can communicate with each other, so any time when you are looking for certain type of music and it's hard for you to find it you can ask on forum and users will be glad to help you find what you need. Also things you need to note is that you need to make a deposit of minimum 20$ to purchase, otherwise you will need to pay extra 2$ by paying via Paypal.

So these are 2 sites that are most valuable background music providers on the internet. Choose one that fits for you, read the license agreement before buying!

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